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2024 Annual General Meeting

Please click here for full details about our upcoming AGM on May 25, 2024


The Floating Home Association of BC (FHA) represents the British Columbia floating home sector and residents. A nonprofit organization, the FHA was registered in 1990 to serve as the voice and support network for the floating home lifestyle. Through meetings, newsletters and a comprehensive website, the association provides resources, information and networking for those interested in living on the water.


Visit our Resources section if you are looking for information on buying a floating home, insurance, standards and inspections, locations of marinas and moorage in BC and other useful contacts and information.

We also suggest you watch our Facebook Feeds page as we post links to a wide range of articles and information sources on our Facebook Page.


Membership is open to British Columbians with a passion for floating homes. This includes float home residents/owners, marina owners/operators, and others engaged in the business of floating homes. 

Show your support for the floating home sector by joining today. Membership dues sustain the association.

Words & Pictures

The floating home lifestyle has captured the imagination of many journalists and writers. This section of our website provides links news reports, magazine articles and books that have been writen about float homes and the people who live in them. 

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