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Architects and Builders

Architects and builders who are float home professionals


With over 30 years experience in this highly specialized industry, IMFS applies it’s expertise to customize floating homes to meet our clients needs. Our floating homes are designed and engineered to withstand weather conditions specific to your area and also accommodate any building material or style, conforming to local building traditions and code requirements.


Our work includes both new construction and repairs/restorations. Occupied and fully operational job sites are never a problem. And we can also plan, manage, and build multi-phase jobs. We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality handiwork every time. We have worked with homeowners since 1990. Basil provides exceptional work, transparency & open communication with clients. Call us today and bring our Basil management skills and extensive construction experience to your dream project.



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