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Flotation and Marine Surveys

Information on flotation systems and marine surveyors.

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors Inc.

The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors® (SAMS®) Membership Roster includes close to 1000 surveyors in the United States and over 20 other countries around the world. SAMS® shall have three primary classes of membership: Accredited Marine Surveyors, Surveyor Associates, and Affiliate Members.

Reliable Marine Surveyors

Jim Small, CMS is a certified Marine Surveyor with over 16 years experience. He has owned, operated and maintained vessels for many years (both power and sail, fiberglass and wood). He has attended courses at the Wooden Boat School and is a member of the Association of Certified Marine Surveyors, the American Boat and Yacht Council and the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron.

Inspecting Floating Homes

An in depth article provided by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. 
By Nick Gromicko and Kenton Shepard

There are some types of homes that don’t fit neatly into any category. They’re unusual, and that’s what attracts many people to them. Floating homes are one of these types.

Alpha Maritime
Underwater Contractors

We at Alpha Maritime are dedicated to offering our clients a wide range of underwater solutions in a safe and cost effective manner. We love our work and approach every contract with enthusiasm. That is why we like to say - on the bottom we're on top! We have placed hundreds of tonnes of buoyancy all over the lower mainland of British Columbia. We do surveys and underwater photography for insurance and claims.

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