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2024 Annual General Meeting

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2024 Annual General Meeting

Announcing the 2024 Annual General Meeting of the Floating Home Association Pacific (aka The Floating Home Association of BC)

The Floating Home Association of BC (FHA) invites you to join us at our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, May 25th, to be held at the historic Fisherman’s Hall in Ladner, BC.

Saturday, May 25, 2024
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Ladner Fisherman’s Hall
4481 Savoy Street
Ladner, BC V4K 1P3

VANCOUVER ISLAND MEMBERS: We hope that our Vancouver Island members will take the opportunity to carpool together and join us. If you want to walk on the ferry, we can arrange to have you picked up and taken back to the ferry at the end of the meeting. 

Ladner Fisherman’s Hall was originally located on the wharf in Ladner where it was The Victoria Terminal Railway and Ferry Company station house. In 1929 it was moved to its present day location on Savoy Street in west Ladner. ​

The Program and Agenda

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm — Registration
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm — Welcome and AGM 

  1. Call to Order

  2. Notice of Annual Meeting and Quorum Status

  3. Approval of Agenda

  4. Approval of draft AGM Minutes – 2023

  5. Matters Arising from Previous AGM

  6. Officer Reports

    • President’s Report – Leo Stradiotti

    • Treasurer’s Report – Jane Fee

    • Communication Report – Sandy McKellar

  7. Election of FHA 2024/25 Directors

  8. New Business

  9. Adjournment


2:30 pm - 3:00 pm — Snack & Social Break

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

  1. FHA Champion Awards - FHA President Leo Stradiotti

  2. Special Interest Presentation & Discussion 

The Annual General Meeting is a great opportunity to not just fulfill the formal requirements of being a Society, but also to talk to one another about the highs, lows, delights and challenges of float home life.  At this year’s AGM we would like to provide an opportunity for attendees to talk about 1) how the FHA can seek new members and provide opportunities for engagement between annual AGMs and 2) how we, as an organization, might better engage with the province’s new housing strategy.

Membership and Member Engagement

The FHA is a membership driven organization. As such, we have a responsibility to regularly engage our membership in what we do and how we operate. In a member survey that went out in late 2023 we asked how members would like to be engaged. Results showed that 21.5% would like to act as ambassadors for the FHA, 15.2% would like to host meetings with Board members, 8.9% would like to write articles for the newsletter, and 15% would like to join the Board.


We also know we have float home communities where we have few or no members. Will better online engagement opportunities help us to recruit new members?

Float Homes as part of our provincial housing agenda

All levels of government – federal, provincial, and civic - are focussed on the expansion of housing and housing options. Many of the communities where float homes are located in BC – Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, Delta and Victoria are examples – are on the province’s list of municipalities that must now take steps to ensure compliance.
This housing strategy provides an opportunity for the FHA to make its case that government policies and processes relating to float homes must allow for expansion of float home communities and ongoing maintenance of the waterways where float homes are located. This could be a perfect opportunity to ramp up our lobbying and advocacy efforts towards all levels of government in an effort to explain the value of float homes within our communities.

What ideas do you have for how we can better engage with our members on these issues?

​ ​

Membership and RenewalsMembership is open to British Columbians with a passion for floating homes. This includes float home residents, marina owners and operators, and others engaged in the business of float homes. Please complete our membership form, and submit your payment either by using our secure PayPal feature, or by mailing us a cheque. 


Memberships are $25 per-person. If a household or business has more than one individual who wishes to be a voting member, a separate form and fee must be submitted for each individual. Memberships expire on March 31st of each year. Only registered members with paid dues are permitted to vote at the AGM. You may renew your membership at the AGM, however, to expedite registration, prior payment is appreciated. 

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