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There are more than 800 floating homes in BC!

Today, British Columbia is home to more than 800 floating homes. Although many are moored in coastal marinas, others are moored along rivers and lakeshores. Some marina communities are exclusive to floating homes, others are mixed with boats and live-aboards, and in some cases, boat marinas may host one or two floating homes. Homes are typically privately owned although there are floating rentals and bed & breakfasts in selected locations. Marina communities range from strata-style developments where homeowners own their water lot, to marinas that provide moorage for privately owned homes. Marina communities in BC range from three to more than forty floating homes in a single marina.

Floating homes began as logging camps

Floating homes are a part of the fabric of British Columbia’s history and current economy. With origins in floating logging and fishing camps along the coast of the province, floating homes provide an alternative to crowded city spaces, connecting residents with a close knit community and the natural environment around them. In the late 1880s logging companies moved along the BC coast harvesting wood. Because road building was more challenging in those days, camps were built on floats, and moved along the coast to follow the harvest. This was the birth of the floating home in BC.

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